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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Plot allocation at Mabwepande attracts complaints from applicants

22nd May 2012
Kinondoni municipal militias guard as residents queue with land ownership application forms in Mwanayamala area, Dar es Salaam, yesterday.

Allocation of surveyed plots at Mabwepande area in Dar es Salaam has been marred by irregularities, with applicants accusing Kinondoni municipal authorities of corruption, favoritism, bias and double standards in managing the process.

The Guardian yesterday witnessed a group of people at the Kinondoni Land, Survey and Planning office waiting for application forms. Most of the applicants blamed the authorities for delays and failure to attend them on time.

In a recent announcement, the Kinondoni municipal council called on the people to apply for the plots at a cost of 20,000/- only. According to the advert, a total of 247 plots will be surveyed and sold to Dar es Salaam residents.

Mwanne Msekelile a resident of Mabwepande faulted the process, saying priorities were given to government executives, sidelining ordinary citizens.

“We have been here since morning but are yet to be served. Some latecomers simply wrote memos to the officers in charge who came out and called them inside while others continued to line up,” she noted.

Msekelile said the exercise was poorly managed as the officers themselves violated the rules. She said that pregnant women were also left to queue for hours.

Samuel Mholo a resident of Tegeta, blamed the government for allowing more than 600 land applications while knowing that they have a limited number of plots.

“These people want to collect our money…they announced that there were less than 300 plots but they have received over 600 applications,” he said.

Joseph Kayanda said what the Kinondoni municipal was doing is unfair since they took people’s money while knowing the plots are few.

Commenting on the exercise, Kinondoni District Executive Director, Fortunatus Fwema said they resolved to issue extra application forms so as to increase the municipal revenue collections.

Fwema said that such exercises are used by the municipality as a mechanism to raise funds.

“We have issued extra forms purposely; the money earned would be used to implement other municipal activities. Applicants who miss plots would be considered in the second phase,” he clarified.

Fwema added that plots will be given to Tanzanians aged 18 years and above. He said the price will be 10,000/-, per square metre, insisting that the cost of the entire plot will be depend on the size of the plot.

The plots are among those which were surveyed to resettle the Dar flood victims who were rendered homeless during the December rains.

There are still some flood victims living in temporary camps, in Ubungo Maziwa, Mgulani and Mbweni JKT, waiting to be resettled.

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