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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Sitta overrules MP on introduction of Parliament visitors

6th July 2010
Speaker of the National Assembly Samuel Sitta

Speaker of the National Assembly Samuel Sitta clarified yesterday that it was in order for the House visitors to be recognized and introduced in the House.

He was commenting on views by some legislators that the move was eating into the time set for parliamentary business.

He made the clarification in the House after receiving a note from members of parliament warning that long announcements including the introduction of guests was consuming a lot of valuable time for House business.

“It has to reach a time when imperialist habits have to end and we need to know we are here because it is these poor people from the villages who voted for us,” said Sitta.

He cautioned members of parliament that they had to be careful and not value their voters only during election time and then forget them altogether after that, including not being introduced in the House when they pay a visit.

He said MPs of such altitude were still living in the past as they were still thinking that it was the right of people with big titles only whose visits to the House were to be acknowledged.

“MPs need to know that their position is pegged to the votes of such visitors because they were the ones who voted for them,” he said with apparent sadness.

He said the system of introducing visitors in the House started with the 9th parliamentary meeting and that the move was appreciated by many people.

“We shall continue with out procedure as usual because it removes the image that MPs recognize their people only during vote searching," he said..

He insisted that the issue was not the time used to discuss a matter in parliament, but the quality of decisions made for the benefit of all the people.

“We have been deciding very important matters for the benefit of our people and the nation, why then should we stop acknowledging the same people who brought us in this House?” the Speaker wondered.

Meanwhile, Koani MP Haroub Masoud announced in the House yesterday that he was not going to contest for the seat.

He said he had decided on his own will not to do so, adding that and he wanted to relax and concentrate on other issues.

“As I told some of my colleagues, today I am announcing officially that I am not going to vie for the post again. I have done so on my own will,” he said.

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