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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Call to highlight Rwanda`s post 1994 genocide strides

5th April 2012

United Nations member states have been urged to highlight achievements attained by Rwanda over the last 18 years after the genocide in 1994.

The call to that end was made yesterday in Dar es Salaam by the First Counselor in the Rwandan High Commission, Sano Lambert, at a briefing on the 18th commemoration of the genocide to be marked on April 7.

He said that after the genocide, Rwanda managed to restore peace and successfully built her economy. “The commemoration of the genocide is done worldwide every year to raise awareness, learn from our history and to shape a bright future for the coming generations,” Lambert said.

He said the event is vital in order to revisit actions that can either trigger off genocide or prevent it, stressing that if the 1945 genocide by the Nazis against the Jews was talked about perhaps the Rwanda genocide couldn’t have happened.

Rwandan High Commission first secretary Ernest Bugingo called on journalists in particular to participate in the event because the genocide of Rwanda was, in part, contributed by the media.

“I also believe that the media played a great role in the building of peace in Rwanda,” Bugingo said.

He added that students also would participate in the commemoration in order for them to become mediators in their respective communities through the establishment of peace and love partners programme (PLP) in their schools.

Other participants to the commemoration include government officials, legislators, Rwandan Diaspora and university students. The event will take place in Dar es Salaam and Arusha.

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