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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

MPs rally behind Mizengo Pinda for another term

18th July 2010

Speaker Samuel Sitta on Thursday evening this week spoke in Parliament about Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda (pictured) in a form of a joke. But the joke now appears to reflect the feelings of many legislators of the outgoing ninth Parliament.

Sitta came out boldly in the august House to “trumpet” for Pinda’s second term into the office he is currently occupying. He made the proposal after the premier declared the official formation of the new regions of Katavi and Geita. Simiu and Njoluma are two other regions, bringing to 30 the number of regions in Tanzania.

The Speaker stood up and said because of Pinda’s good performance, there was no need for President Kikwete “ to crack his head” in searching for a person to serve as Prime Minister after the general elections in October.

Regarding the proposal, The Guardian on Sunday had the following findings over the week-end:

James Lembeli (CCM- Kahama) said he supported the Speaker’s comment. “Though Speaker talked about it in a form of joke, I personally support him,”

“This is my first term that I have worked with Pinda. He is such a good, credible and trustworthy leader. He has performed well since he was appointed to the position about two and a half years ago,” he said.

Pinda is a listening leader and person who makes follow-ups on issues until the end results, Lembeli said.. “He is not a complicated person. If you talk to him about any matter it is as if you are talking to an ordinary person. Generally his character is unique,” he adds.

Dr Charles Mlingwa (CCM- Shinyanga Urban) also supported Speaker Sitta’s opinion. “To be frank I support Pinda’s nomination to the position after the general elections. He is experienced, serious and recognises the importance of government technocrats as think tanks.

“Looking at his performance for the period he has served so far there is no doubt one would agree that he is good. In fact that is the man,” he explained.

Wilson Masilingi (CCM- Muleba) was also in the list of MPs who supported the Speaker’s suggestion. “Though it is unconstitutional for any person to pressurise the President to nominate a particular individual to the position of Prime Minister I personally feel that Premier Pinda has not let down the authority that appointed him,” he said.

Masilingi said the premier has done a good job, adding that he and other MPs prayed so that he (Pinda) retains his Parliamentary seat in the general polls slated for October. So far no politician has come forward to announce his bid to challenge Premier Pinda in Mpanda Constituency.

Alloyce Kimaro (CCM- Vunjo) was of the view that Tanzania needed the Prime Minister of Mr Pinda’s character and caliber. “Pinda is conversant with a lot of Tanzanian issues and apart from that he is transparent and humble. In fact this nation needs a person like him,” he said.

A politician from higher lands zone who preferred anonymity said Pinda has got all qualities of the prime minister. However, he said depart his good performance, the premier should avoid being too soft.

“Pinda is a good leader and of course he deserves another term in office but my worry is that he is too soft. He should change such a nature,” he said.

Born on August, 12, 1948 in Rukwa region Pinda has been Prime Minister of Tanzania since February 2008, succeeding Edward Lowassa who stepped down after he was linked to the emergency power generation scam.

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