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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Organisers underline beauty contest fairness

9th May 2012
Lino Agency director Hashim Lundenga

Organisers of the Miss Redds Tanzania have in strong terms ruled out the possibility of favouritism during the entire process of the campaign towards the final.

Lino Agency’s director Hashim Lundenga said ever since the beauty pageantry was re-introduced in 1994, all winners have been voted by competent judges with high degree impartiality.

He said some unscrupulous people have always been engaged in tarnishing the image of the organisers who have been doing a good job throughout.

Lundenga was speaking during a meeting with media sports and entertainment editors in Dar es Salaam yesterday.


“We have been keen and articulate in the whole procedures, formalities and all activities leading to the finals of the pageantry premierships”, said Lundenga.

He said his agency strives to achieve new benchmarks in running and organising the beauty pageantry while avoiding complaints which might surface if any.

The preliminaries of Miss Tanzania are expected to get underway in various parts of the country as Lino Agency will be behind supervision of the shows.

Lundenga rule devout the inclusion of foreign based Tanzanians to compete in the show.

He said the door is open to those Tanzanians who happen to study or stay abroad and make frequent return home such that they are still familiar with the country’s affairs.

“We are sorry to say that participants living abroad for five back-to-back years are ineligible to compete in this shows as they are unlikely to cope with the pageantry requirements”, said Lundenga.

Tanzania Breweries’ marketing manager Fimbo Butala said his firm is making efforts to stage the best ever premier beauty show at national level this time around.

Redds used to be a platinum sponsor behind Vodacom Tanzania which ended its five-year sponsorship stint to pave way for the brewers.

More than thousand beauty contestants have benefited from Miss Tanzania shows ever since the event was revived in 1994.

The Miss Tanzania has become a new mining site for young women aspiring to the profession. Some have transformed their living standards through taking part in the events as they landed lucrative commercial deals besides travelling opportunities and experiences.

The Miss Tanzania has been a huge attraction for the entertainment fraternity who follows it with tenacious zeal whenever is staged.

The finals of the event are expected to be held later in September.

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