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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Secret of staying sexy, young

4th January 2012

Scientists claim they're close to developing a magic pill that would allow anyone to live to 100 while staying fit and healthy. Isn't this anyone's dream? To be able to look young and sexy when you get older!

They are working on a drug which could modify genes and prevent aging.

The trick is to combine a drug which can prevent heart disease, skin aging and brain aging. Obviously, this drug is not on the market yet so keep going to the gym, eat fruits and vegetables and keep your brain active to make sure you can fight off aging with the tools that we have today.

Another trick is to have a happy life too - have some fun. It will also help staying young and sexy. Also get frisky as often as you can.

One of the largest studies on longevity and sex found that those who had sex less than once a month were at double the risk of dying prematurely compared to those who had sex twice a week.

It's not just the health benefits from a good sex life - it will help you keep looking younger as it helps fight off stress. So good sex and a good laugh is my recommendation to fight off the wrinkles and I

don't think anyone will disapprove. For this, you need to keep yourself relaxed and stress free all the time and just move on with life by solving every single problem that comes up and not to think of it for too long spoiling life. It is of course certain that you will have a hell lot of problems during this time in life, and therefore it is important to understand how to keep young looking skin.

The most important thing is to keep your skin hydrated with a lot of water and spring water is said to be the best for this process, even though filtered water is preferred and used by all.

It is high time you select a good and natural anti-wrinkle cream to keep your face hydrated, moisturized and away from wrinkles.

There are a lot of products on display and choosing the best among all of them is about looking out for certain ingredients.

For this, it is important to understand the ingredients are all natural and make sure you go for those products that can help in building up the collagen and elastin naturally. This will allow you to build up the sagging and loosened cells and will give your more collagen to the skin naturally.

At the same time it is important to know the harmful chemicals that fill up the jar like the parabens for example. The perfect answer on how to keep young looking skin is to choose the skin care product with natural ingredients like Cynergy TK, known to increase the production of collagen naturally.

Most women like to look good and getting pregnant will obviously bring in some worries for many because of the fact that a lot of weight is gained during the time and this is not something that you probably want to happen to you.

Don’t worry, there ARE things you can do to help the situation such as: Try to keep your diet suitable - Now, you should definitely be eating as much as you and your baby need to be perfectly healthy and happy, however, you might want to lay off things like comfort eating foods,

these things would include chocolate, cake, sugary foods, etc. these will all add extra not needed weight to your body and if you can stay away from these things during pregnancy you should be a little better off.

Get plenty of sleep - This one is not directly related to your weight, although it does affect how you look. If you have little or no sleep then it will show in your appearance with things like “tired eyes”, you know what I mean, when your eyes are darkened and you have bag underneath them. If you have plenty of sleep then you will appear refreshed and full of life as they say.

Do NOT drink alcohol - This is a big one, alcohol is not only bad for how you look (it gives you the same look as being very tires in most cases) it is also very unhealthy for both you and your baby, stay away from alcohol during your entire time being pregnant and even after if you feel that you can.

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