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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Sitta laughs at `panic` over his 2015 plans

25th March 2012
Minister for East Africa Co-operation Samwel Sitta

Minister for East Africa Co-operation Samwel Sitta yesterday cajoled those who made frenetic speculation as to his plans to vie for the CCM nomination in the next general elections.

The former Speaker of the National Assembly wondered why one should be so preoccupied with such a thought while the country’s constitution clearly gives one the green light for any eligible Tanzanian to serve the nation. “Tanzanians are ones to decide who they trust for the country’s presidency,” the minister asserted.

He was speaking at the media day bonanza organized by the Association of Sports Writers (TASWA) and sponsored by Tanzania Breweries Limited where media personalities gathered at Msasani Beach in Dar es Salaam to have fun, play and be amused.

“While you have those who panic with such speculations, there is also another group of people encouraged by the President’s recent statement that he was in favour of youth to hold the country’s highest office. Now we’ll have to wait and see what the future has for us,” the minister hilariously told his mobbing audience.

He said that while he could not figure out attributes of the next Head of state, he was clearly aware that Tanzanians were fed-up with gutter politics and were by no means ready to entertain its being replayed all over again.

The minister said he was baffled with the country’s persistent electricity crisis despite the fact that Tanzania is endowed with abundant resources for power generation, ranking second in Africa after Congo (DRC) in terms of power source potential available to enable the country to power supply to neighboring countries.

He encouraged journalists to keep up the good job of uncovering malpractices happening in the country such as corruption, saying the media was the mirror of society and should reflect the reality of what society is embracing.

“I know some politicians don’t like what you are doing and have tried to discourage you in one way or another, but I just want to tell my fellow politicians to just be patient with the media, and when the media reveal what is inappropriate the wise way to deal with it is correct it,” he affirmed.

A lawyer by profession and in the early 1983 the minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs said that corruption in the country had reached an alarming rate, such that it is perceived to be acceptable to the extent that an eight-year old girl once told her mother, who was stopped by a traffic police, to offer ‘something’ to police to avoid time wasting.

On the other hand Sitta cautioned the journalists to be careful and avoid being used as conduits to pass on inaccuracies spread by some politicians befriending the media to have their agenda passed on without reflection.

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