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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Ghasia urges religious organisations to advocate peace

30th April 2012
Minister of State in the President Office, Hawa Ghasia (2nd R), listens to organiser of the 75th Anniversary of the Brahama Kumar Raja Yoga in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

A cabinet minister has urged religious organisations and institutions in the country to preach peace, love and tranquillity.

This was said yesterday by State Minister in the President's Office charged with Public Service Management, Hawa Ghasia, when she addressed the Brahma Kumaris Community in Dar es Salaam at the 75th Anniversary of the organisation held at the Russian Cultural Centre.

She commended the Community for celebrating the 75th anniversary as well as for promoting peace, love and understanding between various religious faiths, saying there was only one God and it was unto him that all faiths worshipped and adored, even though they referred to him using different names.

Ghasia challenged the Community, which operates the Brahma Kumaris World University, to open a branch in the country for Tanzanians to get more opportunities of further education.

For her part, head of the Brahma Kumaris Community in the country, Sister Lalika Patel, emphasised that members of her community has been in the country for the past 26 years, and that it was not a religious denomination as such, but rather a community that teaches about the art of meditation in order to strengthen people, help them recognise their internal powers and therefore follow well their various religious faiths.

A meditation trainer from Russia taught a lesson on self awareness so that people would be in a better position to understand and believe in God. The Sister said that people were afraid of death without understanding that a human being has two parts, the physical body and the spiritual aspect, and that there was no reason to fear death because there is life after it.

Several Tanzanians from different religious faiths gave witnesses on how meditation has helped to transform their lives ever since they joined with the Community.

One of them, Leonada Peter Kisima, said ever since she started attending meditation lessons, she has managed to put her emotions under control, and that even when she reads the Bible, she understands it better, and she has become more peaceful towards herself and the others.

Another person who gave witness was Leonard Kisarika, who said that many people failed to realise and make use of their potential in real life because of lacking concentration, and therefore by following meditation techniques one can make improvements even in real life.

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