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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Colourful Church farewell ceremony as Elitira Mengi is laid to rest

13th May 2012
The widow of the late Elitira Abraham Mengi, Aika Elitira Mengi, lays a wreath on the grave of her late husband, who was laid to rest on Friday at his home village of Machame-Mkuu, Kilimanjaro region.

The IPP executive Chairman, Dr. Reginald Mengi’s elder brother, Elitira Abraham Mengi was on Friday laid to rest at his home village - Nkuu Kisereni, Machame in Hai District, Kilimanjaro Region.

The casket bearing his remains was lowered into the grave at 15.30pm after a sermon by Bishop Charles Mjema of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT), Pare Diocese.

In his sermon, Mjema said Elitira was a God-fearing man, who attended church all his life. He however, said despite being a good believer, death had still taken him without his consent.

The cleric said people should prepare themselves for the unknown day when death would claim their lives, urging mourners and believers to prepare for eternal life after death and not base their minds on earthly things while they are still alive.

Bishop Mjema further said it was sad to see a deepening lack of morals among the public who instead of doing the deeds of God, they were indulging in evil things as if they are not going to die.

“We’re all in a journey which has its ending. So, people should see this casket bearing the body of Elitira Mengi as a challenge to build a good relationship with the Lord God,” he said. He further said it was even worse to witness some leaders doing things that would only benefit them instead of benefiting the public which had put them in office. In his condolence message, retired Bishop Erasto Kweka of ELCT Northern Diocese urged mourners to remember that life was short and full of uncertainties. He said: “God has given human beings precious time to use in cultivating a culture of observing time management and avoid the wasting of time during their lifetime.

“I knew Elitira Mengi a long-time ago; he was a good entrepreneur with a God-fearing heart. Elitira used to serve the church and his community in different ways,” Bishop Kweka said.

Bishop Thomas Laiser of the northern and central diocese also described the late Elitira Mengi as an enterprising person who led a life of integrity helping his fellow human beings. Reading a government message, Minister for Regional Integration Samuel Sitta, described the late Elitira as a hardworking man, who believed in what he was doing.

“And this should be a legacy for the family and the entire community,” he said.

Other high-ranking government officials who attended the funeral included Transport minister, Dr. Harrison Mwakyembe, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation minister Bernard Membe, Natural Resources and Tourism deputy minister Lazaro Nyalandu and the newly appointed Hai District Commissioner, Novatus Makunga.

Chadema national chairman, Freeman Mbowe was among leaders of political parties attending the funeral.

IPP Executive Chairman, Dr. Reginald Mengi, expressed gratitude to all people who accompanied his family in the funeral of his late brother Elitira Abraham Mengi.

Elitira died last Saturday after long illness, following a stroke in 2003.He is survived by a widow, six children and seven grand children.

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