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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Busara festivities` duration cut short

7th February 2012

Budget constraints have forced organizers of the Busara music festivities to cut short the number of days from six to four.

The event, which is annually staged in Zanzibar in February, experienced its first financial shockwaves during the 2008 edition when European-based sponsors staggered.

The deputy director of the event, Rosie Carter, announced before the members of the press here over the weekend that the shortening of the duration is effectively underway at this year’s edition.

"We are doing everything possible to stage the event despite of the unfavorable financial position of our sponsors,” said Carter.

Carter has also thanked all firms and individuals who have worked hard in facilitating the successful staging of the event.

The Busara music festivities get underway at the shores of the Ngome Kongwe tomorrow. 

Musicians and other artists will make a huge rally from Mwembekisonge through Mlandege, Malindi up to the Ngome Kongwe, the event’s ancestral home.

This is a very important event that brings together artists in a spirit of cooperation and unlimited interaction.

The event also plays an important role to Zanzibar people and other visitors in terms of entertainment as musicians from the entire continent and Europe will display their talents.

Carter said the event plays part as a platform for music artists to showcase their works and extend market proliferation to the outside their respective bases.

Some of the music groups and bands expected to join the fray in the festivities include FM Academia, Super Mazembe, Juhudi Taarab, Jagwa Music, Mashauzi Classic, Bi Kidude, Mkota Ngoma, Freddy Masamba (Kongo), Nneka (Nigeria), Tumi & The Volume (South Africa), Camirata Group (Sudan), Chebli Msaidie (Comoro) and Mtendeni based Maulidi ya Homu.

The deputy board chairman of the event, Simai Mohamed Said, said the event has played a big role in boosting tourist inflow.

He thanked all those sponsors who have shown supportive actions towards the successful preparation of the music festivities.

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