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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

MPs demand answers on ATCL, TRL future

18th June 2010
A Member of Parliament for Nzega constituency, Lucas Selelii

Members of Parliament yesterday asked for detailed explanation on measures taken by the government to straighten out cash-troubled Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) and the Tanzania Railway Limited (TRL).

Contributing to the Prime Minister’s Office budget for the 2010/2011fiscal year the MPs noted that the two companies have proved unprofitable for a long time.

A Member of Parliament for Nzega constituency, Lucas Selelii (CCM) said the government should now let Tanzanians know what measures it has taken with regard to the two companies which have become a burden to the government.

“These two companies have proved to be unprofitable with their services becoming poorer on daily basis. We need the government to tell us what measures it is taking to salvage them,” he said.

He said that by continuing to run TRL and ATCL the government will be killing the economy.

Special Seats MP, Halima Mdee (CHADEMA) said the fourth phase government has failed to implement its 2005 election manifesto. She said that it has failed to improve the country’s transport sector.

She said that ATCL is sinking everyday. She said when starting its operations, the ATCL had four planes, but currently it has no single reliable airplane.

Mdee said the government took over the control of ATCL with the intention to ensure that Tanzania has its own airline, bearing a national flag, but the results have been negative.

She said the recent Controller and Auditor General’s (CAG) report shows that of the 60 companies inspected, only 12 companies are working.

She said that according to the world economic forum report of 2009, the poverty gap between women and men in the country have increased.

Mafia legislator, Abdukarim Shah (CCM) called on the government to reduce tax on fishing gear, since the sector engages more than 70 per cent of Mafia residents.

Temeke MP, Abbas Mtemvu (CCM) urged the government to hasten construction of Kigamboni bridge. He said the government should announce the contractor to assure Kigamboni residents that the bridge will be constructed.

Special Seats MP, Riziki Rulida (CCM) asked the government to be careful with foreign investors, some of whom she accused of coming into the country with the intention to grab job opportunities from locals.

Rulida said that some of them come in the country with only a briefcase but in a few years they emerge rich, leaving Tanzanians poor.

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