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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

New East African legislators named

18th April 2012
Shy-Rose Sadrudin Bhanji
Charles Makongoro Nyerere
Angela Charles Kizigha

The nine new representatives of Tanzania to the East African Legislative Assembly are Charles Makongoro Nyerere, Bernard Musomi Murunya, Shy-Rose Sadrudin Bhanji, Angela Charles Kizigha, Maryam Ussi Yahya, Abdullah Ali Hassan Mwinyi, Adam Omar Kimbisa (all from CCM), Twaha Issa Taslima (CUF) and Nderakindo Kessy (NCCR-Mageuzi).

The names were announced late yesterday here after the vote, preceded by a rigorous interview from Members of Parliamaent.

Earlier, some of the candidates displayed a lack of proficiency in English and limited knowledge of matters pertaining to the East African Community (EAC) integration process as they struggled to introduce themselves and answer questions from the MPs.

The office of the Clerk of the National Assembly on Saturday released 33 names of the candidates vying for the nine seats in the Assembly.

Kaboyonga, the former Tabora Urban CCM legislator, was brought to the debating chamber on a wheel chair after dislocating his ankle in the Parliamentary premises a moment before the election process yesterday.

Before the election process got underway, Deputy Minister for Works Dr Harrison Mwakyembe cautioned fellow MPs against electing candidates to the Assembly without testing the strength of each contestant.

He said it had come to the attention of the public that most candidates elected by the Tanzania Parliament to the EALA performed dismally whenever the assembly was in session.

Dr Mwakyembe said it was sad to learn that elected Tanzanian candidates to EALA have been recording poor performance compared to their colleagues from the other EA partner states while knowing that Tanzania spends taxpayers’ money contributing to the EAC activities.

The election of members into EALA yesterday in Parliament was marred by rumours of bribes, forcing Dr Mwakyembe to tell his fellow MPs: “Madam Speaker, there are rumours clouding this election process. This practice degrades the status of this institution.”

Article 50 of EAC Treaty provides that election of members into EALA from each Member State should be conducted based on representation of political parties in the respective country’s Parliament, shades of opinion, interest groups and gender.

CCM which has 258 legislators in House (about 74 per cent) was awarded eight seats into EALA while all opposition parties were allocated two seats into the regional Parliament.

Women candidates who participated in the race were Angela Kizigha, Fancy Nkuhi, Dr Godbertha Sebastian Kinyondo, Janeth Mmari, Janeth Mbene, Maryam Ussi Yayha, Rose Daudi Mwalusamba (CUF), Sebtuu Mahammed Nassoro, Shy-Rose Bhanji and Sophia Rijaal Ali.

Nominated CCM candidates from Zanzibar were Abdullah Ali Hassan Mwinyi, Dr Ahmada Hamad Khatib, Dr Haji Mwita Haji, Khamis Jabir Makame, Dr Said Gharib Bilal and Zuberi Ali Maulid.

Nominated opposition candidates in the race with their political parties in brackets were Anthony Calist Komu (CHADEMA), Dr Fortunatus Lwanyantika Masha (UDP), Juju Martin Danda (NCCR-MAGEUZI), Micah Elifuraha Mrindoko (TLP), Mwaiseje S. Polisya (NCCR-MAGEUZI), Nderakindo Perpetua Kessy (NCCR- MAGEUZI) and Twaha Issa Taslima (CUF).

Candidates in the men’s category from Tanzania Mainland were Adam Omar Kimbisa, Bernard Musomi Murunya, Charles Makongoro Nyerere, Dr Edmund Bernard Mndolwa, Elibariki Immanuel Kingu, Dr Evans Mujuni Rweikiza, John Dunstan Lifa-Chipaka (TADEA), Mrisho Mashaka Gambo, Siraju Juma Kaboyonga and William John Malecela.

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