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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Govt asked to help livestock keepers improve their herd

24th October 2011

Livestock keepers in Kisarawe district, Coast region, have requested the government in the district to educate them how to rear standard breeds and make money.

The request was made yesterday at a livestock auction - cattle, goats, sheep and chicken - at Gwata village in the district.

They told district executive director (DED) Isaya Moses that they did not benefit much from selling their livestock due to lack of proper breeding and management skills.

Sokoine Tairi said they were used to traditional livestock keeping as their parents did, which earned them poor breeds and little money.

He said they sold their cattle at between 200,000/- and 600,000/-, while their counterparts with improved breeds in other districts sold theirs at between 1,000,000/- and 1,200.000/- each.

Tairi, who is one of the leaders of livestock keepers, said most of the livestock keepers remained poor due to lack of knowledge on improved livestock.

“I have 150 cattle and others have over 1,000 but we are still poor because we do not earn much during the auction as our breeds are of poor quality,” he said.

He noted that the livestock keepers wanted the government to organise training workshops to educate them how to improve their livestock and earn good money.

The DED, who was visiting the open market to see how it was run, promised that the district council would first focus on the dip in the village before they did something else.

He said his office would ensure the dip was completed and was in good standard and then would solicit funds to improve the area where the auction took place after every two weeks. “Since this is one of the sources of the district’s incomes, I promise to do something,” he said.

Moses said the district would consider introducing more auctions as soon as it was practicable.

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