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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

PM to launch programme on indigenous poultry farming

26th March 2012
Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda

Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda is expected to launch Research Into Use (RIU) Programme knowledge outputs organised by MUVEK Development Solutions on Wednesday. The knowledge outputs are lessons and recommendations from implementing the RIU Programme in Tanzania between June 2008 and June, last year.

The programme is about developing indigenous poultry farming towards increased productivity and competitiveness.

The launch event will highlight policy and practice lessons, which have the potential to socially and economically transform the industry as well as promote rural innovation, entrepreneurship and consequently improve rural incomes and wealth distribution.

RIU will briefly present its work in Tanzania including the analysis of the indigenous poultry farming, lessons and challenges. Key policy and practice recommendations from the knowledge outputs will be presented as specific issues that need to be addressed in order to successfully commercialise the indigenous poultry farming, which is inclusive of rural producers.

The Minister for Livestock Development and Fisheries, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Cooperatives, development partners and stakeholders from the public and private sectors will attend the two-day meeting.

RIU Tanzania Country coordinator, who is also MUVEK managing director Vera Florida Mugittu said through the support from DFID UK, RIU had been an innovation broker in indigenous poultry farming in Tanzania and met the initial social cost of building minimum conditions necessary to initiate and sustain a transformative innovation process without being a producer of knowledge or its users.

Playing this public role has proved very important in unlocking the potential in the sector dominated by subsistence producers like poultry in Tanzania.

“We will present policy briefs that can potentially change the outlook of the poultry industry by promoting a wide-scale application of new knowledge for development of farms, hatcheries and input supplies,” said Mugittu.

According to Mugittu, the available knowledge, if put into use, can revolutionise the sub-sector and create employment, reduce poverty and improve living standards as well as enhance nutrition.

Rosemary Mwakitwange, who will be facilitating the event, said at the end of the two-days, the presentations made, if taken seriously and implemented, would see the poultry industry playing a big role in poverty reduction initiatives.

RIU is a DFID supported action research and development programme designed to put agricultural research into use for developmental purposes and conducts research.

The programme works towards improved programme communication and harmonisation for effective sharing and influencing local, national and international policy agenda. It ensures that activities at country level are aligned with ongoing agricultural and natural resources development initiatives as well as relevant national and sectoral strategies in the country.

The main objective of the programme in Tanzania is to explore and facilitate ways of improving local innovation capacity for increased use of research, new knowledge and technologies in developing profitable agribusiness enterprises.

In Tanzania, the programme is implemented by MUVEK Development Solutions Ltd.

MUVEK Development Solutions is a Tanzanian development consultancy company that aspires to efficiently and creatively provide quality advisory and support services to public and non-public development actors towards planning, executing and monitoring programmes focusing on developing a more locally-owned and people cantered-profit oriented economy.

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