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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Warioba team to cost Sh 40 billion a year

24th June 2012
Prime Minister Justice Joseph Warioba

The Constitutional Review Commission led by former Prime Minister Justice Joseph Warioba will cost taxpayers a whopping Sh40 billion during the 2012/13 financial year, The Guardian on Sunday has learnt.

This means that the Commission’s monthly expenditure would average Sh3.333 billion.

According to budget estimates for the Commission, as outlined in the funds allocation book titled ‘Volume II: Estimates of Public Expenditure Consolidated Fund Services (Section I) and Supply

Votes (Ministerial for 2012/13), the exact amount estimated for the Commission’s expenditure stands at Sh39,950,000,000.

A breakdown of the funds shows that a big potion of the allocated money totalling Sh33.078 billion will be spent on administration and human resource management, whereas the review coordination unit is expected to siphon Sh4.820 billion. The information communication and technology unit would consume Sh724 million while the communication and outreach unit would take Sh605 million.

The remaining funds are allocated to three different areas, namely finance and accounts unit (Sh330.732 million), internal audit unit (Sh220.488 million), and procurement management unit (Sh170.244 million).

Further breakdown details reveal that funds amounting to Sh10.234 billion out of the Sh33.078 billion set aside for administration and human resources management will be spent on non-discretionary personnel allowances.

This implies that the amount budgeted for allowances is not optional, as they must be dished out to the 32-strong Commission, thus there is no way the stated figure may be brought down.

Also a chunk of money to the tune of Sh9.819 billion has been allocated to the acquisition of vehicles and transport equipment, under which Sh4.774 billion is for fuel, oil and lubricants, in-country travel (Sh4.399 billion) and rental expenses (2.032 billion).

Other key areas in the administration and human resources management section, and their corresponding allocations, are as follows: routine maintenance and repair of vehicles (Sh441million), office and general supplies and services (Sh337.2million), hospitality supplies and services (Sh300 million), utilities supplies and services (Sh255.984 million), communication and information (Sh219.2 million), acquisition of office and general equipment (Sh200 million), acquisition of household and institutional equipment (Sh55.67 million) and other operational expenses (Sh10 million).

Budget for the Commission’s core business, to be dealt with by the constitutional review coordination unit, the allocated funds amounting to Sh4,820, 653,000 will be spent on various items as follows: communication and information (Sh2.076 billion), rental expenses (Sh820 million), in-country travel (Sh600 million), office and general supplies and services (Sh440.976 million), hospitality supplies and services (Sh410 million), none-discretionary personnel allowances (Sh123.677 million) and other operational expenses (Sh350 million).

The Constitutional Review Commission was appointed by President Jakaya Kikwete on April 6, this year, with Warioba, a former prime minister and attorney general, as its chairman and former chief justice Augustino Ramadhan as vice-chairman.

Established under the Constitutional Review Act No 8 of 2011, the body is tasked with coordinating and collecting public views on the new national constitution. It is scheduled to complete it work by October 2013 when it will come up with a draft document to be tabled in the Constituent Assembly for deliberations.

The team commenced its work on May 1, 20012.

According to government’s time line, the new constitution is expected to be in place by April 2014 when the nation will be marking its 50th Union anniversary between Tanganyika and Zanzibar that came into existence on 26 April, 1964.

On the other hand, the document on public expenditure shows three other newly established units will cost billions of money in the next financial year.

The document shows that the secretariat of the Public Remuneration Board will spend Sh2,387,259,000, the Joint Finance Commission will take Sh1,998, 246,000 while expenses for the Financial Intelligence Unit will be Sh2, 163,807,000.

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