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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

EBSS auditions stun judges in Mwanza

18th July 2012
EBSS Judges

Judges of Epiq Bongo Star Search endured a torrid moment during the auditions that overstretched to mid night in Mwanza over the weekend.

Over 2,000 aspirants turned out to record their voices during the auditions that gave the judges a hectic moment to chop down the figure to five winners.

The allocated two days looked insufficient to effectively conduct the auditions as up-and-coming musicians struggled to weigh their opportunities.

Last year’s winner Pascal Cassian resurfaced again this time to claim one of the four places in the final standings.

EBSS chief judge Ritha Paulsen was within expectations based on the abundance of talents scattered across the lake region.

“Every year we come here the business becomes tense and hectic as the turn out is always impressive. However, for this particular edition the crowd has exceeded the rest of the previous in terms of attendance,” said Paulsen.

Contestants have been highly attracted with the top prize package of 50m/- courtesy of mobile telephone service providers, Zantel.

Thousands of contestants turned out during the auditions and braved the sun and breeze while the sponsors took trouble to provide free soft drinks to keep them happy.

“True success does not come easily. We have to stay all this time. We are not disappointed while believing to win EBSS 2012,” said one of the participants, Jamal Mhuza.

“We believe these representatives will perform well this time in the same way 
Pascal Cassian did during the previous season. Indeed it was hard work to get these youngs because as you know Mwanza brings participants from all parts of the lake zone,” said Paulsen.

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