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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Poor showing at Olympics is cause for soul-searching

12th August 2012

In recent years, our athletes have performed woefully at major sporting events such as the world athletics championship and Olympic Games.

 In spite of this though, the country was still hopeful that our contingent to the Olympic Games in London would pleasantly surprise us by winning a few medals at least.

However, judging from what we have seen of our athletes’ overall showing at the games, our dreams of a medal have   totally been shattered.

As has been seen in the past, the common excuse that is usually trotted out following performances of abject failure is inadequate preparation accompanied by lack of funds.

Indeed, these are lame excuses as since the end of the last Olympic games in Beijing four years ago, enough time has passed for funds to be raised and athletes to be prepared for this concluding sporting spectacular in London.

Considering that we view ourselves as a proud sporting nation, it is sad that we have now become the laughing stock of the sporting world after making it a habit of failing at major sporting events over the last two decades.

One can ask then: what should be the way forward? It would be good to remember that there is no magic wand which we can wave that can guarantee us a haul of medals at major sporting competitions.

But it is no secret that one path to possible success involves preparation, preparation and even more preparation.

This entails timely raising of funds, rigorous training of athletes both psychologically  and physically, with attention given to every detail.

As one can see, this does not amount to a reinvention of the wheel but are basic keys to sporting quintessence anywhere in the world.

Thus, we should definitely stop forthwith our self defeating habit of dilly-dallying until the last minute when it comes to preparing for sporting events, be they domestic, regional or indeed global sporting extravaganzas.

LIoyd Elipokea is a sports commentator

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