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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Dar endures vibrant night

20th August 2012

It was a cool but highly vibrant weekend as Dar es Salaam exploded into life again with entertainment centres opened to their customers in a big way.
 For almost a month during the fasting of the Ramadhan exclusively for Muslims, the entertainment centres never filled to their capacities.

However, when the moon was sighted on Saturday evening to herald the end of fasting and opening of ‘fitr’, the situation changed overnight.

 As usual, the celebrations to mark Eid el Fitr have been to all regardless of religious worshipping denominations.

 People gathered in big numbers in most of the entertainment centres and the first night has been explosive with music and celebratory gestures of all types.

 It was a busy night bash particularly for young people who have been ‘starved’ of the opportunity to join with their friends.

Once again Eid El Fitr has proved to be a festival that unites people of all ages and religious denominations as the case has been for Tanzanians who don’t segregate religious festivities.

More is expected today as the Eid El Fitr entres its second and final day before the ‘short’ working week resumes tomorrow.

The Guardian entertainment editor wishes all Tanzanian a good Eid El Fitr but the bottom line is celebrate with purpose and responsibly without causing harm while maintaining peace and tranquility.

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