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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Why is so little being heard of Miss Tanzania preliminary pageants?

26th August 2012

Ordinarily the run up to mid September when the final pageant to pick the year's Miss Tanzania and her two runners up would be so thick with news on what has happened in each region and for Dar es Salaam, districts, that one doesn't have to scratch his or her head as to the last big piece of news.

It appears that this year some of us are having problems remembering when we last heard of a major pageant within Dar es Salaam as part of preparations for Miss Tanzania, and even if there was lack of attention in that regard, were there regional pageants as well? If that is the case, they were so silent...!

There are other contests that routinely take a lot of time and attract a lot of attention, either as part of the run up to Miss Tanzania for instance in the Dar es Salaam zone, or auxiliary events within the same period or right after the main event.

Often such an event would come about as a consolidation prize to any of the runners up towards the main event, for instance Redd's pageantry of Miss Universe Tanzania, etc. Without insisting that a specific change of mind among organisers and enthusiasts is evident this year, there is indeed a sharp diminution of the usual comings and goings, especially in the mass media.

One major psychological rule of how important events happen is that they never take place unnoticed, so that one has to scurry around to seek for information, or a knowledgeable person, as to whether this or that routine event took place in the past few months or not.

When an event about which its organisers used to shout for everyone to hear, and it was extensively covered in newspapers, radios and television stations suddenly drops to a whisper, it means that something is amiss in that situation, that a breadth of the usually interested no longer have their mind in that event. So its significance, notoriety must drop.

It would for instance be interesting to hear who are the main sponsors of this year's Miss Tanzania and if their commitments compared with last year, as well as what sort of resources are being committed by firms like Redd's and others.

Chances that certain commitments must have been cut down or certain events fail to be held are there despite the lack of excessive publicity in that regard, for merely leaking some little information somewhere about such a situation may leave a broad section of the public in the dark, until someone decides to make a major issue out of it. Then it will be heard in all corners of town.

There might be a link between taxation policies and how far large companies and individuals are ready to participate in community events which afford them a binge of publicity but not proper commerce as such, while another element would have to do with the relative immobility of the market.

When many of the companies involved in sponsoring entertainment events like Miss Tanzania take up those tasks, the reason usually is publicity for a brand like Redd's or Kilimanjaro Premium Lager, Serengeti, etc.

When the level of competition reaches a market optimal where publicity makes far less difference, yawning starts.

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