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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

AAT deserve praise on road safety

2nd September 2012

It is a disturbing fact of life in the country that road accidents occur quite frequently, often leading to the loss of lives and serious injuries.

Although efforts have been made to reduce road accidents in the past, they continue to pose a dangerous threat to safety on the country’s roads.

Perhaps in recognition of this ever-present threat, the Automobile Association of Tanzania (AAT) has in the past organized seminars aimed at improving road safety.

And earlier this week, the AAT organized a similar seminar in Dar es Salaam for motorbike users as according to the body, motorbikes are a major cause of road accidents.

Indeed, the AAT deserve to be showered with praise for these efforts.

Sadly, road safety remains elusive in the country but the AAT has shown that it is willing to play its part to reduce the threat of road accidents which looms large over our lives.

It is important to note that the AAT’s efforts in this regard, are fully supported by the governing body for global motor-sports, the International Federation of Automobiles (FIA).

In fact, the FIA and the United Nations (UN) in 2010 embarked upon a decade-long mission to enhance road safety across the world.

It seems then that the lack of road safety is a pressing and difficult problem that affects many other countries around the globe, but according to research, takes a heavy toll particularly on developing countries such as Tanzania.

Here in our own neck of the woods, we know only too well that aspiring doctors, engineers and yes, even potentially outstanding sportsmen and sportswomen, have needlessly lost their lives in a moment of recklessness on our roads.

And perhaps the bitter truth of the matter is that we have not tried hard enough to make our roads safer.

One could argue then that if the authorities could emulate the seriousness with which the AAT has tried to tackle this weighty problem, maybe our society as a whole would be one giant step closer towards finding a solution to the menace of road accidents.

Lloyd Elipokea is a sports commentator

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