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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Chadema loses Mwanza mayoral seat, Ilemela poll postponed

29th September 2012

The ruling CCM has won polls for the mayoral seat for Mwanza as well as the post of deputy mayor, edging the leading opposition party Chadema which was the majority party in the Mwanza City Council after the past general elections.

The poll came after councilors decided to strip former mayor Josephat Manyerere of the post after a vote of no confidence, which accompanied a move by the government to create a municipal council for Ilemela.

In that case councilors from Nyamagana district were asked to elect a new mayor for the city, while ward councilors from Ilemela district were directed to elected a mayor for the municipality.

In the city mayor poll, CCM presented Mkolani councilor Stanslaus Mabula and Igogo councilor John Minja for deputy mayor, while Chadema presented Mahina councilor Charles Chinchibela to contest the mayoral post, and Mirongo councilor (CUF) Daud Mkama for the deputy mayorship.

The CCM contestant won the city mayor’s seat with 11 votes and his deputy obtained 10 votes, while the Chadema candidate got eight votes. Chadema councilors led by Nyamagana MP Hezekiah Wenje attempted to boycott the poll, objecting to CCM moving Special Seats MP Maria Hewa and councilor Leticia Simba from Ilemela district to participate in the Nyamagana district polling for the city mayor.

Chadema councilors wanted to protest at the shifting on the ground that MP Hewa and councilor Simba  are residents of Ilemela district and in their swearing to their positions they did so as Ilemela residents.

Even then after lengthy consultations the Chadema councilors returned to the chamber for the election to proceed where the opposition party lost the two positions.

Following the victory in mayoral polls for Mwanza, CCM secretary for ideology and publicity, Nape Nnauye declared that Chadema secretary general was “going senile” in suggesting that the ruling party was approaching its death.

He said winning the mayor’s seat in Mwanza city had shown that the ruling party was still strong, contrary to claims by its opposition detractors. Dr Slaa had declared the previous day that CCM was in grave difficulties for failing to remove from its leadership line up in elections for the National Executive Committee (NEC) those whom wide ranging sentiments see them as marked by shoddy deals.

The publicity chief said the ruling party was experienced in resolving problems within its ranks and needs no advice from outside as to who should stay and who should be expelled.
He said Chadema lost the mayoral seat in Mwanza due to the habit of the opposition party being led in a bullying manner and on the basis of nepotism and provincialism.

At the same time polls for the mayoral position and deputy mayor could not be held on account of a court order following an application by Kitangiri councilor Henry Matata who was expelled from membership by Chadema top leadership.

City executive director Wilson Kabwe announced a postponing of the poll after reading a letter from councilor Matata to which was attached a court injunction, elaborated by the Mwanza city solicitor. The poll would be held at a date to be announced later, he said.

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