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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Judge fairly in Miss Tanzania

29th October 2012
Editorial Cartoon

Beauty contest fans are yet again in a tense mood as another edition of Miss Tanzania is just around the corner.

The event’s final will be held in Dar es Salaam – no news in that – this Friday with 30 contestants battling for the top prize.

Basing on the sensitivity of the prize package in terms of value, the organisers are reminded about the need to be especially cautious on how the selection process will go before the winner is determined.

There are basic procedures and criteria to be used in the selection of the winner which the judges ought to know them inside out. Though there have been few complaints in most previous editions of the event, it doesn’t mean that the judges have been perfect as the organisers might think.

The bottom line is that there is need for improved performance by judges so that it is genuinely the best of the best participants that is eventually crowned.

Yes, perfection is hard to attain and the most one can achieve is excellence as not every competitor of fan will take kindly to the judges’ decisions.

Most past editions have largely been free of bias by judges, and the tradition ought to be maintained so as to maintain the contest’s record as one of the best in this part of the world.

Besides polishing the event to the satisfaction of both fans and competitors, which is difficult indeed, there is every need to accomplish the objective of getting a really competent Tanzanian representative at the global stage.

Tanzania has not faired well at Miss World despite having been represented by Miss Tanzania winners since the event was revived in 1994. Every Miss Tanzania winner since then has boarded flights to wherever Miss World was held but without much success.

The Miss Tanzania organisers ought to bear in mind that competent winners are destined to rub shoulders with others from all over the world.

Beauty contests have been useful in improving the lives of the winners and in contributing to the national economy through hooking tourists from across the globe.

Our representatives at the global stage should also be capable of marketing our tourist attractions and, by logical extension, improving the country’s foreign exchange earnings.

Winning Miss World should be the prime target of Miss Tanzania organizers, who have consistently staged the event on an annual basis for the past 19 years.

The organisers must prove a case by instituting changes to help produce a Miss Tanzania that is Miss World material. Beauty contests have proved highly beneficial to most contestants, but the competitors need to fight harder, aim higher and therefore perform to emerge victorious.

We wish all the contestants the best of luck, stressing that the most focus should be on the organisers as they will bear the brunt of the blame or be showered with most of the praise depending on how they handle the event.

Fans are also reminded about the need to maintain calm during the event in part by respecting judges’ decisions.

For their part, the competitors need to observe as much discipline now as they did during their month-long residential preparations.

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