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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

How can Miss Tanzania wait one year for Miss World?

4th November 2012

This year’s Miss Tanzania show and preliminary contests seemed to have failed or been forgotten, perhaps for lack of ready sponsors, until at the crack of a whip sometimes in September all started going again.

Later some explanations were given that there has been a change in the dating of Miss World, which seems to have switched sides with the Miss Tanzania contest.

Now our event is a couple of months or slightly less after the Miss World contest, and we are told that our entrant for that event should be the one picked close to one year earlier.

It means that this year’s Miss Tanzania is being asked to prepare for a world beauty contest close to one year later, which doesn’t need much expertise to know that such an arrangement is made to fail.

Despite cultural assertions to the contrary, leading to something called Miss Bantu in the past that was just fun and verbiage and didn’t get anywhere, there are ‘scientific’ considerations on what makes beauty, which means one has to prepare, even diet, etc for that event. Again, our bodies or youths are in constant flux, therefore asking a girl to stand still for a year is unrealistic.

Organizing authorities said that ‘Miss Tanzania will compete in the Miss World contest next year on September 14 in Jakarta, Indonesia’ when hardly anyone will be remembering her face since the Miss Tanzania show is like a wedding night.

One sees the bride at that moment, and can’t recall what she looked like a month from then, and with other weddings taking place in between, in a year’s time that is just another family, and scarcely of anyone’s interest or recollection just because he or she attended the wedding. Earlier, Miss Tanzania was a send off for Miss World.

What originally led to the matter speaks of lack of organization on the part of organizers here, in that the Miss World event was pulled back to come up at late summer instead of early December or thereabouts, in which case the local event had also to be done earlier.

If that could not be arranged, then any specific event could be brought up to get a candidate for the particular year, a one night contest from any recently acknowledged contestants so long as there was a month or so to organize such shows. She would not be properly Miss Tanzania but a rightly picked candidate.

After that hiatus is closed by early holding of the Miss Tanzania contest the following year, the rest of the protocols would be followed, instead of sticking with the formula, and then asking the winner to attend the Miss World contest as her last item in ‘office’ as a reigning Miss Tanzania.

There are considerable risks of sending unprepared candidates who have lost touch with the sort of rigour they initially had to undertake as they were pursuing the Miss Tanzania title, after they become famous, are welcomed to parties, etc. This takes its toll in how one can do a ‘miss,’ later.

So the next best thing is that if the Miss World event has passed and the last year winner was sent there as a matter of regulation, experts should meet and scan her appearance and posture at that event, and compare with what she was late last year.

If there are visible differences that could have affected her Miss Tanzania chances, trying to ignore them and still send her to a Miss World is tantamount to being foolhardy. But even if there are no such drawbacks, it is easy to see the wisdom in this adage that ‘a stitch in time saves ten;’ let us pick a miss for an event, directly.

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