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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Dar clubs should use money wisely

5th November 2012
Editorial Cartoon

Mainland football premiership clubs should be prudent in the use of the available resources, which are scarce and are very much needed to promote soccer in the country.

We all know that some of the most bitter battles fought in some of these clubs, centre around the use of funds, and that a sad epitome of the failure of these clubs to improve the level of soccer in the country or make much headway in continental encounters is due to failure to prudently use the resources they generate for overall prosperity of their clubs and players.

Every club has sources of funds but when it comes to spending, the three Dar es Salaam top flight sides have to some extent been extravagant and reckless.

It is known that we are living in the world of competition as each club needs to acquire quality coaches and players to strengthen its team.

Since the Mainland premiership season kicked off on September 15, Azam FC and Young Africans have parted ways with coaches whom they hired at staggering amounts of money.

The management of the two clubs has made crucial but costly decisions to breach contractual agreements after hiring coaches who stayed for only a ‘short’ time.

The clubs might have good reasons for making such decisions but it should be noted that critical analysis in terms of competence of the coaches ought to have been made prior to engaging them, so as to avoid the costly moves.

Hiring of these coaches must be done with due attention to skills, character. Other aspects such as relationship with officials and players must also be taken into account before the final decision to sign contracts.

What is the use of hiring a coach and enjoying his services for less than a quarter of his contractual tenure and then firing him? How can the club redeem its hard-earned, but now wasted money?

Yanga fired their Belgian coach Tom Saintfiet less than three months after contracting him, paying compensation money resulting from the breach.

Last week another Dar top flight side Azam parted ways with their Serbian coach Boris Bunjak who was contracted by the club in July.

We know for sure that clubs have discretionary powers to spend money the way they wish, of course observing their constitutions.

However, couldn’t these clubs have contracted consultants who would have advised them ahead of taking such bold and of course costly decisions?

Why would a club like Azam sack Englishman John Stewart Hall at the end of Kagame Cup in July and then recall him three months later?

Yanga breached the contract of Kenyan player John Odhiambo midway into the season and then had to labour to pay the compensation money last week.

Simba also previously offloaded their Serbian coach Milovan Circovic before recalling him again to perform the same duties.

All these incidents are happening due to the fact that officials of these clubs have been overlooking the need to have football consultants in their management committees.

It’s time clubs reversed the trend and started spend money prudently in the direction of improving football development.

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