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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Tigo introduces PoS solar power charging gadgets

14th November 2012
Tigo Marketing Manager Jacquline Nnunduma (L), project manager Yaya N’djore (C) and assistant public relation officer Mariam Mlangwa (R) demonstrate how to use a solar power charging gadget which will be installed at the firm’s Points of Sale (PoS) on Monday in Dar es Salaam. Over 50 mobile users who don’t have direct access to electric power will benefit from the solar power gadget. (Photo: Guardian Correspondent Devota Mwachang’a)

Tigo customers who live in rural areas that are not connected to electric power source have been called upon to use solar charging equipment offered by the firm to continue enjoying communication services.

This was said by Tigo marketing manager Jacquline Nnunduma on Monday in Dar es Salaam at the demonstration of a new solar phone charging equipment.

She said a number of entrepreneurs such as mobile phone dealers who face the power shortage challenge can easily go about in their daily activities and conduct business where there is no power with the new solar power charging gadget.

“In Tanzania there is a huge part of population that does not have direct access to electricity, while over 50 percent of Tanzanians have mobile phones. Whenever they want to charge their phones they have to go to neighbours with power access or local markets,” she noted.

She said in valuing its customers, the company is looking forward to provide Tigo Points of Sale (PoS) with solar charging equipment for mobile phones, adding that by so doing the customers will never run out of electricity.

However, she said that Tigo PoS can sign up for the equipment by sending an email to [email protected] the only requirements being that the PoS doesn’t have electricity or is already selling phone chargers.

She also said the PoS phone charging will be a new source of income, with 300/- per charge the average PoS can make an additional 90,000/- per month (based on 10 phones charges per day).

Tigo project manager Yaya N’djore said the company continues to take care of its customers by providing new technology in the Tanzanian market and assisting entrepreneurs to diversify their business and increase their incomes.

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