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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

TWFA requires greater attention

18th November 2012

At the moment, the Tanzania Women’s Football Association (TWFA) is holding its elections across the country in different regions.

But the truth of the matter is that women’s football itself is still facing some worrying times on the local sports scene.

Indeed, TWFA, which is charged with overseeing women’s football in the country, has yet to show any serious initiative as far as the setting up of a national women’s football league is concerned.

Granted, it is true that some efforts are being made to develop talent at the youth level.

However, despite this, many would agree that important structures have still not been put in place at the grassroots level in women’s football.

Indeed, all these woes affecting the women’s game hinder it from evolving into the popular national sport that it should be.

Adding to this picture of gloom, is the fate of the national women’s team, the Twiga Stars, who it seems have mysteriously dropped off the radar.

But then again, perhaps this is not so surprising, considering the shabby treatment that the Twiga Stars have had to endure in recent years, the Stars’ long-running sponsorship woes being a veritable case in point.

These significant problems highlight the massive ground that has yet to be covered by both the TWFA and the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF).

Indeed, since it appears that women’s football is still being largely neglected, both the TWFA and the TFF should be held culpable for this worrying state of affairs.

Consider the fact that we have some precociously gifted young girls, who have demonstrated their abilities in various tourneys but are being badly let down by the now notorious dilly-dallying of the football bodies concerned.

Thus, as the TWFA stages its polls countrywide, one hopes that new, committed and passionate officials will be elected for the good of women’s football.

After all the previous bitter disappointments and empty promises, nothing less will do for the eager young girls who are champing at the bit to take their place on the national football stage.


Lloyd Elipokea is a sports commentator



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