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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Unido, ministry to launch industrial competitive report

20th November 2012

The Ministry of Industry and Trade in collaboration with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) will today launch Tanzania Industrial competitive report (TCIR).

A press statement issued by the ministry in Dar es Salaam yesterday said, the report will be launched in tandem with celebrations to commemorate Africa Industrialisation day.

The theme for this year industrialisation day is Accelerating Industrialisation for Boosting intra Africa Trade.

According to the statement, more efforts have been put to develop industries, since without doing so Tanzania and other African countries would continue to export raw materials and fail to improve the economy.

At the moment contribution of industries to the GDP stands at 14.6 percent which is an average of 8.9 percent per annum. According to Vision 2025, the aim is to make Tanzania a semi industrialised country, the statement said. 

Africa Industrialisation Day is commemorated on November 20 every year. Usually it is time when governments and other bodies in many African countries experiment ways to refine the continent’s industrialisation process.

It is also an occasion to attract worldwide media attention to issues and challenges of industrialisation in Africa.
The day is chosen to mobilise the commitment of the international community to the industrialisation of Africa.

It is also marked to remind that more than 30 of the world's 48 least developed countries are part of the continent.

According to Unido, various events are held during the day, many of which involve local and national leaders and representatives from statal and international non-governmental bodies.

A special effort is made to coordinate leaders or representatives of as many African countries as possible to discuss the industrialisation of Africa and appraise the development achieved in the previous year.

Unido plays a vital role in coordinating activities on and around Africa industrialisation day.
Besides this, statements are forwarded to Unido's headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

The statements comprise leaders from the African Union, the Economic Commission for Africa and the United Nations.

It is expected that these parties will raise global awareness of the importance of industrialisation in Africa and stir the international community that more than 30 of the world's 50 least developed countries are in Africa.

The former Organisation of African unity declared every November 20 to be Africa industrialisation Day in a meeting held in 1989.



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