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Envoy counsels govt on `Kilimo Kwanza`

27th November 2012

Leaders’ total commitment at the village level is needed if Tanzania is to realise implementation of the ‘Kilimo Kwanza’ (Agriculture First) strategy.

This was said by Korean Ambassador to Tanzania Il Chung South he held an exclusively interview with The Guardian in Dar es Salaam at the weekend.

Chung explained that Tanzania needs highly committed and inspiring leaders who will address the matter at the grassroots level and act as role models for farmer to learn from them.

“You need sound and committed leaders to carry out the vision at the village level as about 80 percent of the population live there…you need leaders who will fully dedicate their time and work with the people,” he advised.

According to the diplomat, Korea managed to reform the agricultural sector after it heavily invested in the villages of which a new village movement was launched.

“We started a village community movement whereby we ensured that every person with the ability to work was given a piece of land to cultivate,” he said.

He added: “We invested in high-bread paddy seeds which increased rice production, the aim being to feed the people before venturing into other fields as you know, no one can work when they are hungry.”

The envoy said that his country worked on improving the agricultural sector by creating various channels that attracted the youngsters into it for the reason that it was a paying segment.

“’Kilimo Kwanza’ is a good initiative but the problem is the fact that the labour force (youth) are not interested into the field, therefore you need leaders with a vision at the village level to inspire them to venture in the sector,” Chung said.

 “For any development in any given country, strong and sound leadership is needed, committed leaders are needed, and leaders who can stand on what they believe and go a step forward as far as development is concerned,” he said.