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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Zanzibar attracts more visitors this year, says minister Aboud

6th December 2012
Tourists visit Zanzibar`s north eastern beaches at Nungwi, famous in Africa for sunbathing and good breeze. (File photo)

Despite the prevalence of chaos causes by Uamsho and boast accidents on Zanzibar Channel, the Isles attracted more tourists this year than during any other period in the past.

The Indian Ocean Archipelagoes lured more than 175,000 travellers in comparison to 120, 000 in 2010, a senior official in the Isles government said on Tuesday.

Outlying economic achievement the Isles have registered in the past two years, Zanzibar's Minister in the Office of Second Vice President, Mohd Aboud, said tourism sector has become an important pillar for the region's economic growth.

"Deliberate efforts have been going on to make tourism sustainable by improving tourism attraction and investments, along with introducing five-star international hotels," Aboud said.

Statistics show that due to the increasing rate of tourism expansion, the sector expects to receive more than 250,000 tourists annually in the coming few years, he said.
However, the minister said inspite of the progress the tourism sector has attained, the sector still faces a number of challenges, which could decrease the number of tourists.

The recent violence and chaos in Zanzibar, as well as the sinking of two ships, M.V. Spice Islanders and M.V. Stagit, which caused some foreigners to lose their lives, are said to be the major events that have affected tourism sector this year, Aboud said.

The efforts the government has taken to retain peace and harmony after periodical violence and chaos have encouraged a number of tourists to visit Zanzibar, he said.



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