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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Union: Teachers not given their dues

10th December 2012
Mussa Omar Tafurwa

Zanzibar Teachers Union (ZATU) has asked the island’s President, Dr Ali Mohamed Shein, to intervene and resolve the prolonged delays in awarding their allowances, some of which they have alleged to date over a year back.

The call was made by ZATU through its Secretary General, Mussa Omar Tafurwa, during a press conference at the headquarters of the Association in Kikwajuni, Zanzibar. He referenced the public servants' law, noting that every worker is entitled to a leave and allowance yet some of the teachers have gone well over ten years and not enjoyed this benefit.

He alleged that even after the government raised the amount of teacher’s allowance from 30,000/- to 100,000/- they have not been receiving the said amount. Further, he complained that teachers are only allowed 12 days of leave instead of 28 days like other public servants.

“Salary standardizations were completed by October 2012 but the teachers have not received any of it…" complained Tafurwa and even claimed that, “…Leaders at the Ministry of Education have been avoiding us… they don't want to discuss this matter…"

In the salary reviews held last year it was set that, advanced diploma holders are to be paid between 420,000 and 460,000, while those at the diploma level are to be paid 260,000/- and those holding certificates were paid 170,000/- per month.

On the other hand, ZATU commended President Shein for the establishment of regular routine (every three months) to review and evaluate their performance. He noted that the question of good governance was a tripartite issue involving the government, the employer and workers.



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