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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Bayi retains TOC post

10th December 2012
Tanzania Olympic Committee's secretary general, Mr Filbert Bayi

Filbert Bayi has been re-elected to the post of the secretary general’s post after a landslide victory in the Tanzania Olympic Committee’s polls held on Saturday in Dodoma.

Bayi won over challenger Fredrick Mwakalebela by 35 votes after the later managed only ten of the votes to crash out of the run.
Mwakalebela is a former Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) secretary general.

According to chairman of the elections Lloyd Nchunga, Bayi won 45 votes while Mwakalebela managed ten.

 Candidate Juma Ikangaa, who earlier aspired to contest for the secretary general’s post, made an eleventh-hour pullout.

According to Nchunga, the delegates voted back to office TOC president Ghulam Rashid with 44 votes against 13 of Khamis Abdallah.

Hassan Jarufu won the vice-presidency’s post after scooping 31 votes against 19 of Henry Tandau.
Nchunga declined to provide more details of the other posts contested during the elections.

According to Tanzania Swimming Association (TSA) secretary general   Noel Kiunsi, who was vying for the executive membership of TOC, the delegates voted back all the leaders of the committee with only Suleiman Nyambui and Lina Kessi as new faces.

“I can say that all the old faces of TOC are back. The only new faces include Suleiman Nyambui and Lina Kessi who were voted as executive members of TOC. I tied with Nyambui with 27 votes and we had to vote again and lost 24-27. I’m ready to work with TOC in any capacity which they may deem it good for me,” he said.

Mwakelebela accepted the polls outcome, saying it was free and fair and he wished Bayi and all those who were elected the best during their tenure of office.

However, Mwakalebela faulted delegates of the meeting for voting the same leaders back. He said he volunteered to contest for the TOC elections after being asked by leaders of national sports association who said were looking for a change.

“The elections were a free and fair, but I feel disappointed by leaders of national sports federations. They were the ones who were complaining that they want changes and as a sports loving person I volunteered for the challenge, but at the end of the day they did not vote for the change they were looking for,” said Mwakalebela.

He said he will maintain his ambition of seeing the country sports developing and he promised to work with the Bayi’s administration at TOC.

Bayi said in a telephone interview the results have vindicated him as the truth was separated from lies.

He said before the elections there were much talk of miss management of TOC finances and other malpractices. However, he said the auditors proved he is innocent.

Bayi also maintained that he will work tirelessly to develop sports in the country and according to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) constitution and not otherwise.



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