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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Savaged albino child returns from treatment in Canada

15th December 2012

A lucky Tanzanian albino who survived death returned yesterday from Canada where he underwent special operation to replace some parts of his hand cut off by ruthless people.

Adam Robert (13) (pictured) was attacked on October 14 last year at his parents’ home in Nyanguno district in Geita region, by ruthless individuals, cutting off parts of his hand.

However, Peter Ash, the chief executive officer for UTSS (Under The Same Sun), a non-governmental organization, said at a press conference yesterday that the attacker intended to hack off all of Adam’s limbs to sell to a witchdoctor.

It is said that tens of thousands of dollars would be obtained from the transaction but Adam struggled hard, screaming and biting his attacker.

“It was sad because Adam’s own father was an accomplice in the attack for money as he watched the entire thing from just a few feet away and did nothing to stop it. The criminals were caught but later released in an utter travesty of justice,” he said.

Adam was accompanied by Dr. Patrick Bulugu from Geita Hospital to Canada who has been treating him since the attack at Geita.

Dr. Bulugu said that the treatment which includes nerve repair on Adam’s left arm, physiotherapy and rehabilitation lasted three months as they go to Canada on August 28 this year.

Specialists for limbs, fingers and thumbs surgery have volunteered to grow a thumb probably from one of his toes to make Adam’s right hand functional and the operation took 13 hours to be completed.

“I thank God I have found a cure for my hand and up to now I can write my name properly. People should stop making such cruel attacks on any other person,” Adam said in a sad way.

When Under the Same Sun CEO and founder Peter Ash visited Adam in his hospital bed at Geita hospital a few weeks after the attack, the boy who was still in pain told him that he wanted to go back to school. The Canadian humanitarian offered him medical and educational assistance.

He said that Adam will continue with his studies in a private boarding school in the Lake Zone, north-western Tanzania on an UTSS education scholarship fund programme.

Ash also appealed to the community to recognize that every person has a responsibility to help children like Adam, as it is a duty to protect children and give them support, especially in education.

Adam Robert was born on October 15, 1999 in north-west Tanzania. He was born to a family of simple farmers, raising cattle and living from the land as best they could.

As Adam was born with albinism, he learned very early on that he was different, with the very light colour of his skin, hair and eyes making him stand out from his family and his whole village. This difference made him the object of discrimina¬tion from a very early age – and into a cash transaction much more cruel than the slave trade, in October last year.



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