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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Saboteurs wreck constitution meeting stage

16th December 2012
Al Shaymaa Kwegyir

Unknown people have vandalized the stand that was supposed to be used by members of the Constitution Review Commission (CRC) when collecting public views, forcing the team to work under the scorching sun.

The incident occurred yesterday at Kisonge grounds in Unguja, minutes before the team led by former Prime Minister Dr Salim Ahmed Salim arrived to carry out its duties.

Though team members arrived at the area at 8am this unwelcome incident had a severe impact on  team members, especially Al Shaymaa Kwegyir, a CRC commissioner with albinism and Ally Saleh, with physical disability.

Dr Salim arrived alongside other team members. They were forced to work while standing under the sun, which was gaining strength, until 9.30 am when a car carrying a tent and chairs arrived at the area.

Reports gathered at the scene stated that unknown individuals arrived at the area in the morning collecting chairs and pulling down the erected tent.
Local officials said it was unclear why those individuals took such a step.

Mjini District Commissioner retired Col. Abdi Mahmoud confirmed the occurrence of the incident but said they managed to find an alternative way for the meeting to go on.
However CCM Publicity Secretary for Mjini District, Baraka Mohammed Shamte said Mlandege and Rahaleo Sheha leaders would bear the blame for failure to have the place guarded, making it easy for saboteurs to wreck the stage.



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