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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Modern tech hinders anti-corruption efforts

17th December 2012

Fighting corruption is not easy task and to trouble those already restless waters is the sheer size of the problem which to the anti-corruption unit and the judicial system are the overwhelming number of cases they have to deal with.

Just this past weekend, over 40 so related cases that range from several millions to huge development project scams amounting to well over 4bn/- were announced as the centre of ongoing investigations.

Tanga Regional Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) Commander, Edson Makallo made the grave announcement on a rather fitting occasion to honour the Good Conduct Day and given that the intricate problem demands concerted efforts both from individual and group the day was observed at an also symbolically fitting location for persons with special needs in Masiwani in Tanga.

He admitted that on top of the list of the hurdles the authority is facing is keeping up with the digital world. The Regional Commander conceded that modern technology particularly the advent of rapidly ever evolving ITC systems, and a practical example that he offered is keeping up with mobile money scams from use of ‘ghost clients’ or just the basic logistics like the fact that clients are protected by privacy rights.

“This is a huge challenge to us…” he admitted “…we need to change and come up relevant laws that take to account the complexity of the matter…” he asserted.

With the next parliamentary house meeting coming up in but two months, the author has the opportune chance to do just that by presenting their matter to the legislatures for bill and law formation.

While that out come remains to be seen, the authority has since its inception in 2007, that funds so retrieved will be are replaced to appropriate parties, cover expenses of proceedings and applied to communal efforts and it is to that effect that the venue, a center for children with special needs was so selected.

PCCB, made several donations in kind, including tailoring machines, water pipes and food items.



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