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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Poor plans to lock clubs out of CAF

17th December 2012
Editorial cartoon

Lack of forecasting and complacency among the Tanzanian top flight clubs might lock them out of the Confederation of African Football’s (CAF) operating system.

Most of the Tanzanian premiership teams have not been treating with seriousness the resolution passed by the continental body way back in 2007.

CAF requested clubs to have management plans and systems that would ease their daily operations in the most professional way.

Actually CAF was relaying a resolution passed by the world football governing body, FIFA.

Both FIFA and CAF sanctioned a seminar through the Tanzania Football Federation held in Bagamoyo in 2007, outlining a number of actions to be implemented by premiership clubs in the country.

All top officials of the Tanzania premiership clubs attended the 2007 Bagamoyo seminar.

Clubs were required to have organised technical staff, training venues, clubhouse and working staff that include employment of secretaries general, information officers and accountants.

Each club was also required to have audited accounts of its operations at the end of every year. The accounts were also supposed to be readily available, when required for scrutiny.

All these requirements were introduced so as to enable the clubs adopt modern way of keeping records as well as avoid mismanagement.

However, all these proposals were not seriously taken up by the country’s premiership clubs, though a few of them have attempted to comply.

It is not surprising to find clubs without audited accounts, training venues, and organised technical staff.

Hiring and firing of officials including coaches, secretaries and other club staff have been rampant.

Five years later CAF is sending its officials to ascertain how far the Tanzanian clubs have effectively complied with the 2007 proposals.

The inspection to be carried out by CAF officials is aimed at ascertaining how far the clubs have gone in implementing the proposals.

Club licensing is the new headache for Tanzanian premiership teams particularly those set to feature in the annual CAF leagues.

It will not be surprising if a Tanzanian club is thrown out of the Champions or Confederation Cup league as a result of failing to comply with the requirements.

Reputed clubs such as Young Africans, Simba and Azam have to work quickly to avoid being caught unprepared by the CAF inspectors due to arrive next month.

All clubs had sufficient time to put their house in order and meet the CAF requirements before next year’s inspection exercise.

It’s high time not only for Simba, Yanga and Azam officials to show seriousness in ensuring their clubs comply with the requirements for the sake of also enabling football really starts to grow in this country. It all rests on a focused, disciplined leadership.

Tanzania will be represented by Simba and Azam in the CAF Champions League and the Confederation Cup, respectively. Time is running out as a call is made for the two clubs to organise their offices.

Otherwise the two may find themselves being axed from competing in the CAF tournaments. They ought to get on the job fast to avoid an eleventh hour disappointment to the nation.