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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

DC: Blossoming eco activities now a threat to old structures

17th December 2012
Jordan Rugimbana

The Kinondoni District Commissioner Jordan Rugimbana has insisted on the importance of preserving old buildings and all historical archives for the improvement of tourism, income and culture to the nation.

Speaking at the opening of a one-day workshop on networking the heritage sector held in Dar es Salaam on Saturday, he said history plays a crucial role for the development of any nation.

The workshop had the theme: Identifying Roles, Responsibilities and Cooperation for Socioeconomic Development and was organised by University of Dar es Salaam through the Department of History and Archaeology.

He said of late there has been an increase in the number of economic activities most often leading to demolition of historical buildings in many urban areas.

He stated that there is no need to pull down all historical sites such as buildings or cultural erections for the purpose of putting in place other structures.

“We have to preserve these historical sites, for the benefit of tourism and future generations which will want to get more details,” he said.

He also commended UDSM for its endless efforts in establishing various heritage courses at the higher institution of learning.

He said such efforts would enhance supply of well trained manpower from certificate, diploma and undergraduate to postgraduate degrees.

“These initiatives often went beyond the university class teaching, an example to this is a tailor made course for Bagamoyo private heritage tours held few years ago,” he said.

Rugimbana urged historians to enhance collaboration among them and improve the heritage sector.

“I am impressed to learn that you will focus on how we coordinate our activities and accomplish roles for socio economic development,” he noted.

According to him, a good way to realise the fruits of the work is by asking themselves the simple question: How many times have we coordinated or networked ourselves in simple communication since last year?

For his part, the workshop organising committee chairperson Dr Emmanuel Kessy, said the objective of the workshop was to inform stakeholders on the state of heritage management in Tanzania and through discussions generate ideas that would guide the heritage industry in Tanzania for a better future.

He called on the need to understand the meaning and value of cultural heritage and the challenges facing its conservation and management.

Dr Kessy insisted on the commitment to hard work in order to manage, conserve and promote heritage resources for the benefit of the country and its peoples.

The workshop also insisted on the establishment of a national heritage dialogue and that part of the funds derived from tourism activities should be channelled to improve the heritage sector.



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