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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

NGO collects 84m/- for rural roads construction

18th December 2012

Legho-Kirua Development Association (LEKIDIA) with contribution from its members and its well wishers has managed to open up roads estimated to be 15 kilometers long costing about 84m/-, which will connect the villages to the Local Native Co-operative Union (Kilimanjaro NCU) and Municipal roads enabling many villagers to transport their produce to markets in the area and outside.

This was revealed by the Executive Chairman of LEKIDEA Edward Msaky yesterday in Dar es Salaam in a press conference aimed at informing the public on the achievements of the Association since its establishment in 2008.

Msaky said that the association was formed with the aim of helping the government in lifting the lives of the people socially and economically in Kirua East Ward covering the villages of Mero, Kileu, Mrumeni, Kotule and Legho in Moshi District.

He said that for more than 50 years the government has been putting efforts in the construction of road infrastructures but most of the efforts have been directed towards main roads, something which leaves people in the interior facing difficulties in transporting their produce to market areas.

Msaky therefore called upon Tanzanians to make contributions to projects meant to bring development in the country instead of donating their money on issues which have low impact to the society.

For his part the association’s Chairman Eng Simon Njau said that the project needed 120m/- to its completion but due to the shortage of the budget; the first project only ended opening up the roads to the original dimension while in the second phase there should be the construction of drainage systems and gravels depending on the availability of funds from the members and well wishers of the association.

Njau added that among the roads which are currently being worked on are the village roads of; Kisomachi to Kwa-Laria (KNCU), Kwa Matay through Manzaoni-CCM to Kiwelewele, Kisomachi through Kapero Legho Primary School to Legho KNCU, Kisomachi to Kilimani Secondary School through Mrumeni, Kitaarinyi to Kwa Erene through Usangi KNCU and Kitaarinyinyi to Kilasanionyo through Usangi-KNCU.

Earlier Msaky noted that it was the plan of LEKIDIA to plant about 10,000 trees along the constructed roads for the next year as one of its objectives in to conserve the environments in those areas.