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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

RC praises Korea on conservation efforts

18th December 2012
Morogoro regional commissioner Joel Bendera

Morogoro regional commissioner Joel Bendera has challenged Tanzania to learn environmental conservation issues, especially forest protection, to ensure environment conservation.

Speaking at the launch of the 12th annual general meeting of the Tanzania Forest Conservation Network (MJUMITA) in Morogoro region over the weekend, Bendera said Korea had succeeded a lot in environment conservation.

The RC said Korea was now having a good environment which attracted rainfall in specific periods, unlike what was happening in Tanzania where rainfall was now erratic due to rampant deforestation.

“We have a lot to learn from the People's Republic of Korea who have succeeded in conserving their environment. They have developed policies which generally keep their forests in a way that no one dares destroy them,” he said, adding:

“In order to achieve the objective of protecting our forests, we have to make sure that we practice conservation agricultural practices that will benefit both the communities and the forests.”

He pointed out that communities have to avoid migratory agriculture, saying it led to widespread destruction of forests.

“If we do not take early precautions, the country will turn into a desert with absolutely no forest cover, hence we have to do away with migratory agriculture,” he said.

He disclosed that the government had set up various strategies to ensure that the environment was maintained.

“I was in Kilombero valley yesterday to chase away pastoralist invaders,” he said.

Tanzania Forest Conservation Network (MJUMITA) official Revokatus Njau said his organisation had awarded Bendera, Kilimanjaro RC Leonidas Gama as well as Korogwe district commissioner for their work in conserving the environment.

Others who were awarded are Mkubuluni village executive officer in Rufiji district, Coast region, Mwarami Ally Kwamngaya, and Chalime village executive officer in Kilosa district, Morogoro region, Alhamad Said Ngwambi.

Others are journalists Prosper Makene and Gerald Kitabu from The Guardian newspaper, Idda Mushi from ITV/Radio One and Musa Twangilo from TBC National.

He noted that, through local network meetings and annual national meetings, MJUMITA brought together more than 6000 community members from 12 regions, 23 districts and 450 villages to discuss participatory forest management.   



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