Thursday May 5, 2016
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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Live life unhurried

18th December 2012

I read a quote today on Facebook from one of those pages that write about wisdom of life. It was quite long but what caught my attention were three words: “Live Life Unhurried”.

This sent my mind racing. Years of flashback came like lightning. I wondered what the words meant. We surf the internet, we read about and we watch so many things every second, every minute and every day, but not everything stays in our minds.

With the world at our finger tips these days, we almost feel like we posses some super natural powers that enable us to be who we want to be and do what we feel like doing.

We are so caught up in catching up with so much in one day that we tend to forget the simplest things in life, namely life itself.

Even when we decide to take time off from our hectic schedules and go on a break, we tend to focus on pre-arranging every detail and worrying about what our money can buy.

Some of us go for the best of the best! And indeed we expect the best if we pay the right price, be it the best hotel, the best location, the best services. In short, the best of everything.

But come to think of it, what is the best for us? I tend to ask myself that quite often.

When we for instance get stuck in a traffic jam on a rainy day, we worry about the ensuing chaos and the loss of precious time. Sometimes we fret about the smallest things in our daily life that we forget that there is more to life that we tend to overlook.

This is what I love about travelling. It allows me to switch off my brain and to disconnect myself from the “world”. This means no phone, no internet or anything remotely similar to such monstrosities of quick communication. Just a chance to allow myself breathe and relax.

Yes, we even forget to breathe at times. How many of us snatch a few moments during a hectic day to stop and take a full deep breath? I bet not many. We seem always on the run urgently needing to do something or desperately anxious to be somewhere at any one point.

So going back to the quote I read this morning, I realized I have also fallen victim to living my life hurriedly, without appreciating “life”.

The tiny raindrops that fall from the sky, the rainbow of sunrays on the window, the leaves swaying on a tree that has stood tall and strong for decades, the birds welcoming dawn with their song and much more that is beautiful and memorable that I had carelessly forgotten to heed.

As they say, the world is a circle that keeps going round and round with us caught up in its rhythm while sadly overlooking “life”. This is of course much easier said than done.

At times we do have a choice, to perhaps settle for less, that is switch off our minds and focus on the little things that mean a lot or even allow our bodies to forget the stress around us.

I think it was no coincidence that I read that Facebook quote this morning. It certainly made me take a pause and view my life slightly differently from how I would otherwise view it as I woke up this morning.

And because of that, I choose today for once to live my life unhurried!

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