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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

DC: Bahi has no district hospital

20th December 2012
Betty Mkwasa

Bahi District Commissioner, Betty Mkwasa, has raised a number of infrastructural issues facing her district and on top of that list is the lack of a district hospital which she says poses a huge challenge to residents trying to access medical care.

Secondly, the district is also short of sufficient housing for government workers and that is eating out of the district budget to transport its staff to and fro work. All this is worsened due to an acute shortage of clean and safe water. The lack of these basic services has forced people to travel long distances in search of these basic needs.

The district conducted surveys to locate clean water sources in Mbwassa but found one in Mzakwe a little distance away. Experts have approved this source as potential source to supply the whole district as such, the District Commissioner is calling on stakeholders for funding for the purpose.

The district council is doing its best to cope but so far only 1.5bn/- has been set aside for the project from the council’s limited budget for the water project. For the staff housing, housing the district has held talks with the National Housing Corporation (NHC) avail it with affordable housing.

As for the lack of medical facilities, the district has contacted The Mkapa Fellowship Foundation in relation to the possibility of upgrading and improving Bahi Dispensary which needs among other things an operating theatre.



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