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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Dar boxing officials hail AIBA reforms

20th December 2012
BFT secretary general Mashaga Makore

The Boxing Federation of Tanzania (BFT) feels the introduction of AIBA Professional Boxing body (APB) starting next year would change the face of the sport in the country.

BFT secretary general Mashaga Makore in an interview said he is working tirelessly with officials, coaches and boxers in the country to see that   APB which is expected to start in March or April next year is a success. He hopes it would bring a new direction to boxing in the country.

APB was introduced by the Association of International Boxing Federations (AIBA) and it gives national amateur federations powers to host professional local and international bouts. 

 Makore said the APB competition format offers boxers multi-level fight opportunities in national, continental and world level competitions while maintaining the opportunity to compete in the Olympic Games.

He said the coming of APB would change the way professional boxing events are organised in the country.

The BFT official said, the APB format will revive the game of boxing in the country as many boxers will be willing to return to the ring both as amateur and professional.

Makore also said with APB the young boxers in the country can realise their dream of joining a professional boxing world that is structured and regulated," he added.

"APB will open up new horizons for boxers seeking to pursue their dreams as professionals within a transparent competition structure. For the first time, professional boxers can plan and look forward to consistent support from their national federations in return," he said.

However, Makore  said they are waiting for APB to give them ways and means which his federation will be using to structure and regulate boxers who are capable of competing under the APB saying the new model will operate on a clear ranking system for boxers.

“Its not that any boxer will now join the APB, they will be ways of selecting the boxers and also grading them, but in simple boxers can remain under AIBA throughout their entire career from their fledgling fights to the peak of their profession and beyond. APB will pack a punch and give the sport what it has been waiting for," he said.

 He said in Tanzania at present amateur boxing events suffered low patronage and also, fans too were disappointed by the quality of boxing events in terms of performances.

"The situation in the country is very  discouraging, and the status of the game is declining, it was  holding less appeal to companies to sponsor , but with APB , the situation will be completely different ” he said .

He refused to comment if BFT will work closely with any professional boxing organisation in the country once the APB is implemented, saying he will disclose all the procedures once discussion with stakeholders is complete.



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