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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

TCRA to avoid Dar faults in Tanga, Dodoma digital switch

31st January 2013
TCRA public relations manager Innocent Mungy

Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) has said it is set to avoid faults that could occur in the course of switching off of analogue television broadcasting in Dodoma and Tanga later today.

TCRA public relations manager Innocent Mungy told The Guardian  in a telephone interview that preparations to switch off the analogy technology in the two regions have been completed.

Mungy explained that a team of experts from the communication agency met with authorities from Dodoma, Tanga as well as other stakeholders, including consumers so as to furnish them with relevant knowledge and skills on the new technology.

Armed with the skills, Mungy said, would make residents in the regions to avoid repetition of errors seen during the switching off of the analogue system in Dar es Salaam.

Dodoma residents look well prepared as many of them purchased decoders earlier during the implementation of the Dar es Salaam phase, he said.

This, he said, has contributed to the absence of customers congestions in decoder stores.

Mungy further said that Dodoma’s geographical location is more supportive of the new technology than Dar es Salaam because users in the designated capital can use indoor antennas save in few areas like Nong’ono.

“Areas like Hombolo, Baigwa, Mtera, Dodoma municipality have been tested and the finding are that digital signals can work without any problem, which allows its residents to use indoor antennas,” he noted.

According to Mungy, TCRA conducted an assessment in Dodoma in order to identify whether there are enough decoders to meet the people’s demand, and hence found out that the available decoders are enough to meet the demand.

The analogue broadcasting switch off in Dar es Salaam was a good lesson to Dodoma and Tanga residents in that it has helped the latter to prepare themselves by buying decoders earlier before the start of the digital broadcasting,

“The lessons we acquired from the switch off in  Dar es Salaam have aided TCRA to do more modifications so as to ensure that no mistakes of the same kind are going to repeat,” Mungy clarified.

Izimbula Gweba, who resides in Dodoma, told The Guardian that TCRA has done its level best to inform and educate people on the new digital technology, a thing that has facilitated many of them to buy decoders.

However, Gweba said, despite the influence by decoder firms and the agency, a good number of people is yet to purchase decoders waiting for the proven company to supply them with good decoders.

“Many people are purchasing decoders, but others are still waiting to prove which ones will work well because there are almost three decoder firms selling their products in town, including StarTimes, Ting and Dodoma Table,” he said.



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