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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

RC Sadiki sorts out militiamen, community police dispute

3rd February 2013

The chairman of the Dar es Salaam regional peace and security committee Meck Sadiki this week urged members of the Ilala Municipal Council militiamen to adhere to security rules and regulations stipulated in their work ethics.

Sadiki who is also Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner was speaking during a two-hour meeting with the council’s militiamen on Friday following widespread complaints of petty traders that the city askaris sometimes harass them, including unnecessarily confiscating their merchandise.

He reminded them that their duties are similar to those of the police and the military. “I want you to show respect to hawkers and petty traders while performing your duties instead of negative attitudes,” he said, warming that their actions sometimes violate their work schedules and regulations

Also the RC used the opportunity to bring harmony between militiamen and members of the community police following a misunderstanding between the two group with regard to the execution of their duties, at the junction of Tandamti/Aggrey streets at Kariakoo in the city last week.

Earlier, the RC held a closed door meeting with the management of the Ilala Municipal Council on how to solve alleged disparities between the municipal askaris and the volunteers.

Sources told The Guardian on Sunday that among issues discussed with the management incidents that transpired in Kariakoo area a week ago when a petty trader who had been arrested by militiamen for conducting business in unauthorized area was later released by community police.

This apparently angered the militiamen. The police force in Dar es Salaam reportedly also formed a task force to sort out the differences between the groups in collaboration with the Ilala municipal council authorities.



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