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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

JK: Make peace, unity shared goal

4th February 2013
Chama Cha Mapinduzi national Chairman President Jakaya Kikwete speaks to party faithful at Mnarani in Kigoma yesterday before addressing the nation from Lake Tanganyika Stadium in the municipality. (Photo: Correspondent Bashir Nkoromo)

CCM Chairman President Jakaya Kikwete has urged political parties to place a premium on consolidation of peace and unity, saying ordinary citizens would suffer most in case of disharmony.

He said politicians in the country should refrain from promoting politics that would divide people on the basis of religion and tribe and should instead publicise policies of their parties.

The President was speaking in Kigoma yesterday during celebrations to mark the 36th anniversary of CCM.

He said politicians should publicise the policies of their parties and not instigate chaos because ordinary people would be the most affected in case of disharmony.

He urged CCM members to look for other sources of income instead of relying on subsidies from the government, because it is not healthy for the party.

President Kikwete gave the example of countries like DRCongo and Burundi who conducted politics of division, causing their people to suffer.

“We politicians should not let innocent people suffer. It will be a surprise to see a politician who will be happy when people in the country are divided and engaged in blood shedding…we should use our parties for the country’s development,” he said.

He also called upon the people to refuse to be used by politicians who were bent on instigating chaos in the country.

Kikwete advised party members to build unity to enable the party to fulfill its promises made during the election campaigns.

He said divisions within the party will not help it to win elections giving the example of Kigoma region where the party lost five constituencies, adding that in order to take them back members should strengthen their unity.

The President said CCM must fulfill the promises it made during the election campaigns because people remember them and will need to know why they have not been fulfilled.

Members of parliament and ward councilors should not become angry when people want to know how far you have gone in implementing promises made when asking for votes.

President Kikwete said the government of CCM has managed to increase employment for teachers, improve health services and reduce maternal deaths.

Earlier, Minister for Transport Dr Harrison Mwakyembe assured Kigoma residents that the train services will resume soon after completion of repair of five engines that have already arrived in the country.

He said his ministry was working to ensure the problem of passengers missing tickets due to bureaucracy by some TRL staffs was contained.

He also said that employees who fail to follow the directives by the government will be asked to leave.

Dr Mwakyembe said his deputy will supervise the exercise today (Monday) and then the deputy permanent secretary and the last the Permanent Secretary.

He said the aim was to end the practice and let passengers enjoy the service.

The ceremony was attended by top political leaders from DRC Congo and Burundi.