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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Zanzibar CJ says rape case poorly presented

4th February 2013
Zanzibar Chief Justice, Omar Othman Makungu

The Zanzibar Chief Justice Omar Othman Makungu has said that a number of rape cases in the Isles were invalidated by the court due to shortfalls in filing them and reluctance of people to give evidence.

He said the situation has caused people to complain that the courts were not doing justice to the victims.

The CJ made the remarks during a press conference at his office Vuga in Zanzibar when briefing journalists on the Law Day to be marked on February 7, this year.

He said police and public prosecutors have partly contributed to the invalidation of the cases by failing to establish the basis of the cases they brought before the court.

The CJ said that between 2010 and 2011 a total of 127 cases were filed, but only three accused were proven guilty out of 66 cases which were heard at Unguja and Pemba and 58 suspects were set free due to lack of evidence.

He said the dates on the medical reports of the rapes which were taken to court as evidence differed with the dates the offense was committed.

“The preparations of the cases are not good and wananchi have not been cooperative in testifying in the cases thus forcing the court to set free the rape suspects,” the CJ said.

He however said that the habit of parents and society to decide to settle the cases at family level was a breach of the law and contributed to worsening the problem.

On corruption in some of the court departments in Zanzibar, he said they have decided to fight the problem and commended the President for establishing the Authority to fight corruption and sabotage of the economy.



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