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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Consider free secondary education, govt advised

5th February 2013

The Dar es Salaam Merchants Chamber has proposed that the new constitution should state the government should provide secondary school education for free. 

Secretary Shaukat Jaffer told The Guardian yesterday that this was among proposals given to the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) when the chamber gave the members’ views.

“For many valid reasons, the government should be obliged to provide free education up to secondary level which is now the basic education,” said Jaffer.

“The Chamber has given twelve proposals to CRC but strongly recommended the right to free education in the country… the present constitution has failed the people on this,” said the secretary.

He stated that the new constitution must state that education up to secondary school level is available even to those coming from poor families.

“It is through this provision that we will also determine what type of nation we want to raise as education is very important to all Tanzanians in this current world” he said.

Jaffer disclosed that children who are denied the right to education are many because poor families are many compared to those who can afford education up to secondary level.

Jaffer cited this as something that creates two distinct classes of people in the country, comprising those who cannot afford education and another who can afford it.



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