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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Arusha institute develops anti-plagiarism software

7th February 2013

Plagiarism has been an issue in the scholarly world for as long as education and cheating have existed but an anti-plagiarism software is hoped to put an end to the illegal practice.

At the Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA), a special software has been created to mark the academic researches of post graduate degree students and it not only marks the papers but also seeks out plagiary lines.

In an exclusive interview with The Guardian, IAA’s Deputy Rector, Academics, Research and Consultacy, Dr Faraji Kasidi said that they developed the anti-plagiarism software to stop the practice after discerning students were buying research papers as their own original works.

 “This technology is very new in the country, and I am sure that the anti plagiarism software will at least solve the problem of students submitting copied researches …” said the hopeful deputy.

To complement the efforts against cheating, IAA’s Director of Undergraduate Studies Hellen Meshack asserted that the institute has launched new academic programmes that go hand in hand with prevalent market orientation.

Present at the event was, PhD, Prof Johannes Monyo who has been facing allegations of fraud, forgery and ironically ‘plagiarism’ on account that his Doctorate is from an ‘un-recognised’ institute, a claim that he adamantly refuted.

“I wish to tell the public that I am a holder of a Doctor of Philosophy based on my Finance degree from Rushmore...”Monyo defended himself and made clear  that the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) has contacted him in an official letter dated June27, 2006 in which they apparently recognised the disputed academic award.

 “…TCU in merit of mandate so granted it by the law is satisfied with the appropriateness and adequacy of the scope of academic programmes offered at Rushmore...”

It is to be noted that, the Rushmore University awards are recognised by the government of USA and the institution is registered with the International Association of Universities.



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