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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Uongozi Institute to host meeting on energy sector growth challenges

9th February 2013
Dr. Gharib Mohamed Bilal

A two-day meeting on environmental sustainability of energy sector growth will be held in Dar es Salaam next week.

Uongozi Institute shall host the two day meeting on the problem, where Vice President Dr. Gharib Mohamed Bilal is expected to officiate, as he is also the patron of the Green Growth Platform.

The forum on environmental challenges for Tanzania’s development and energy security will bring together key stakeholders to discuss practical short, medium and long-term solutions to the dual pressures of environmental concerns and growing energy demands.

Recent gas discoveries and plans for power generation using natural gas stand to bring about significant economic benefits for Tanzania, experts believe. According to the MKUKUTA Report 2011, power generation was approximately at 75% of installed capacity in 2010, while the rate of consumption is steadily increasing.

Current energy deficiencies play a significant role in limiting achievements of the country’s development aspirations. At the same time, on the global stage, the consensus is that power generation based on coal, oil and gas is a major contributor to climate change. For Tanzania, the potential adverse environmental consequences resulting from growth in the energy sector are an important consideration, a preliminary statement on the workshop noted.

The meeting to be held from Wednesday to Thursday next week will combine plenary meetings and field-site visits including a trip to Bagamoyo, in promoting greater understanding of particular issues in support of sustainable development.

The meeting will focus on opportunities and challenges Tanzania faces relating to balancing growth in the energy sector with environmental sustainability, and the influence of global perspectives on Tanzania’s development in terms of energy security and environmental concerns.



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