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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

`Energy saver basket a financial saver`

11th February 2013

More than 36 women at Mabibo Farasi have been trained on how to make a locally made cooker dubbed ‘Wonderful Heat Basket Cooker’ in a project that aims to create employment for women and youth one way, as in this case, is to lower the cost of fuel spent in cooking food.

Makongoro Gonza, the Councillor for Mabibo Ward made the announcement on Friday and explained that the training was conducted by representatives from the Gender Economic Empowerment Foundation (GEEFO) back in October of last year with the support from the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

“…at least 45 Wonderful heat basket cookers have been made by the women and will soon be distributed free of charge to small scale businesspersons and locals of Mabibo ward…” he clarified.

The aim is to disperse the energy saver cookers across the country and with the reduced charcoal use that they are expected to effect, then it is hoped that the rate of deforestation in the country will be slowed.

Reduced charcoal burning also means reduced Carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere which is the primary course of the on going and devastating Global Warming that has affected climate systems across the globe. It is also hoped that the cookers will generate reliable and sustainable income and serve as a means of employment for them.

 “…you start cooking over your normal heat source for say 2 minutes…” explained the councillor “…then move the food into the Wonderful basket cooker until it is ready...”

Apart from this training, GEEFO schedule to provide training on entrepreneurship to the women of Mabibo Farasi. Also, GEEFO plans to open a production plant to make the cookers for sale.

ILO has already allocated 45m/- to support the Wonderful basket cooker project which is to be sold at a retail price ranging from 25,000-45,000/- depending on the size of the cooker which is already successfully in use in the ward.



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