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Badilisha Lugha KISWAHILI

Kisarawe hospital for repair as Sh300m is disbursed

17th February 2013

The government has provided a total of Sh300 million out of Sh1.2 billion requested by the Kisarawe district council in Coast region for the district hospital, meant for rehabilitating the hospital.

Acting District Executive Director (DED), Elfas Bayela said at an ordinary full council meeting held in Kisarawe town in the district that the rehabilitation would soon take off and would include repairing water sanitary systems and buildings.

The district hospital which was opened in the 1960s has never undergone major rehabilitation, and as a result the buildings and water system were dilapidated and could not function.

Recently, the District Medical Officer, Dr Mwendo Msengi said that the water sanitary system failed to work as a result toilets in the wards could not get water.

Patients were using pit latrines outside the wards which were risky to them as they were not qualified for such use.

Also, Dr Msengi said that the district had suspended services involving use of its ultra-sound machine as it had broken down. The machine was received back in 2000, donated by the Netherlands. It had a guarantee of five years to be used but it managed 12 years and then failed last year.

The district council would need Sh48m to buy another machine. Currently, most patients requiring such services would be attended by other hospitals.

However, he noted that X-ray services had recently resumed at the hospital after repairing the room in which the machine was installed.

The services were suspended for two years until last year after the room started leaking, which led to cracks forming and disturbing the camera environment for the machine to work.



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